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Management of unusual histologic subtypes of breast cancer.
Oncologist 2012 In Press.     PMID: NA      (Dec 2012)

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Molecular subclasses of breast cancer: How do we define them? The IMPAKT 2012 Working Group Statement.
Annalsof Oncology 2012 Dec;23(12):2997-3006     PMID: 23166150      (Dec 2012)

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Overcoming Resistance and Restoring Sensitivity to HER2-Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer.
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Patterns of Genomic Loss of Heterozygosity Predict Homologous Recombination Repair Defects in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.
British J Cancer, 2012 Nov 6;107(10):1776-82     PMID: 23047548      (Nov 2012)

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Proteomic Classification of Breast Cancer.
Current Drug Targets 2012 Nov 1;13(12):1495-509;     PMID: 22974393      (Nov 2012)

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Whole-exome Sequencing Combined with Functional Genomics Reveals Novel Candidate Driver Cancer Genes in Endometrial Cancer.
Genome Research 2012 Nov;22(11):2120-9     PMID: 23028188      (Nov 2012)

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An Efficient Procedure for Protein Extraction from Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded Tissues for Reverse Phase Protein Arrays.
Proteome Science Proteome Sci. 2012 Sep 24;10(1):56     PMID: 23006314      (Sep 2012)

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Dual Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis and Lymphoma.
Irish Journal of Medical Science 2012 Ir J Med Sci. 2012 Sep 17. [Epub ahead of print]     PMID: 22983882      (Sep 2012)

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Network Inference using Steady-State Data and Goldbeter-Koshland Kinetics.
Bioinformatics 2012 2012 Sep 15;28(18):2342-8     PMID: 22815361      (Sep 2012)

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Epidermal growth factor receptor and K-Ras mutations and resistance of lung cancer to insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
Cancer 2012 Aug 15;118(16):3993-4003     PMID: 22359227      (Aug 2012)

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Perifosine plus docetaxel in patients with platinum and taxane resistant or refractory high-grade epithelial ovarian cancer.
Gynecol Oncol, 126(1):47-53, 2012     PMID: 22487539      (Jul 2012)

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Cyclin G1 regulates the outcome of taxane-induced mitotic checkpoint arrest.
Oncogene 2012 May 10;31(19):2450-60     PMID: 22056875      (May 2012)

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Clinical Assessment of PTEN Loss in Endometrial Carcinoma: Immunohistochemistry Out-Performs Gene Sequencing.
Modern Pathol 2012 May;25(5):699-708     PMID: 22301702      (May 2012)

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Subtype and pathway specific responses to anti cancer compounds in breast cancer.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109(8):2724-2729, 2012.     PMID: 22003129      (Mar 2012)

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Modeling ductal carcinoma in situ: a HER2-Notch3 collaboration enables luminal filling.
Oncogene, 31(7):907-917, 2012     PMID: 21743488      (Feb 2012)

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Reconstruction of nuclear receptor network reveals that NR2E3 is a novel upstream regulator of ESR1 in breast cancer.
EMBO Mol Med, 4(1):52-67, 2012     PMID: 22174013      (Jan 2012)

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Dose-adjusting capecitabine minimizes adverse effects while maintaining efficacy: a retrospective review of capecitabine for metastatic breast cancer.
Clin Breast Cancer, 11(6):349-356, 2011.     PMID: NA      (Dec 2011)

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Mechanistic Basis for Overcoming Platinum Resistance Using Copper Chelating Agents.
Mol Cancer Ther 2012, Nov;11(11):2483-94     PMID: 22914438      (Nov 2011)

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Functional proteomics can define prognosis and predict pathologic complete response in patients with breast cancer.
Clin Proteomics, 8(1):11, 2011     PMID: PMC3170272      (Jul 2011)

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High frequency of PIK3R1 and PIK3R2 mutations in endometrial cancer elucidates a novel mechanism for regulation of PTEN protein stability.
Cancer Discovery, 1(2):170-185, 2011     PMID: 21984976      (Jul 2011)

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HDAC4-regulated STAT1 activation mediates platinum resistance in ovarian cancer.
Cancer Res, 71(13):4412-4422, 2011.     PMID: 21571862      (Jul 2011)

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Molecular targeted therapy in ovarian cancer – what is on the horizon?
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Adipose tissue derived stem cells differentiate into carcinoma-associated fibroblast-like cells under the influence of tumor derived factors.
Cell Oncol (Dordr), 34(1):55-67, 2011     PMID: 21327615      (Feb 2011)