DAVID WILLIAMS: Curriculum Vitae
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Associate Professor
Geriatric and Stroke Medicine, RCSI

Beaumont Hospital
Telephone: 01 7974761 / 01 7974791

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summary of research career to date

Professor David Williams qualified in Trinity College Dublin in 1994. He was awarded a PhD in 2002 for his work on pharmacoepidemiology. Following completion of Higher Medical Training at St James Hospital, Dublin he was appointed consultant Clinical Pharmacologist and Stroke Physician in Aberdeen in 2002. He served as Clinical Vice-President of the British Pharmacological Society from 2007 to 2010. He is currently the managing editor of the European journal of Clinical Pharmacology. In 2009, he was appointed Associate Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland / Beaumont Hospital, where he has helped develop the Acute Stroke Service and undergraduate teaching curriculum in Geriatric Medicine. He is currently the National Speciality Director of training for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. His research interests include Stroke Medicine, Hypertension, Patient Safety, Prescribing and Medication Errors.  

research interests

My research interests include Pharmacoepidemiology and Patient safety, Vascular medicine and Drug Metabolism.My PhD thesis was based on examining prescribing patterns and measures of prescribing quality within the General Medical Services (GMS) scheme in Ireland. Studies in pharmacovigilence, drug utilisation and prescribing quality were performed which led to a number of publications and demonstrated the usefulness of such a database in examining real world prescribing patterns. Recent work has focussed on inequalities in prescribing in patients with cardiovascular disease and stroke. My Clinical Research is focussed on vascular and stroke medicine with a particular interest in arterial compliance, hypertension and platelet function. Following validation of the technique of pulse wave analysis (PWA) in assessing arterial compliance I embarked on a number of studies in this field(See Publications).I have previously investigated aspirin resistance (those with a true biochemical defect which makes them resistant to the thromboxane pathway-inhibiting effects of aspirin) in patients with ischaemic stroke who are already receiving aspirin by examining platelet aggregation, platelet activation status and thromboxane generation. I have previously obtained funding from Heart Research UK to examine the phenomenon of a rebound in platelet activity following the cessation of clopidogrel therapy.

research areas

Cardiovascular Research, Platelet Biology, Vascular Biology, Vascular diseases


British Pharmacological Society )

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland )

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh )

British Hypertension Society )

British Association of Stroke Physicians )


2014: Fellow of the British Hypertension Society, British Hypertension Society

2014: GSK prize for research in Clinical Pharmacology, British Pharmacological Society

2013: Fellow of THe British Pharmacological Society, British Pharmacolological Society

2013: Diploma in medical Education, University of Dundee

2005: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

2005: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Oral Presentation

Lee S, McGivern T, Moran N, Williams DThe use of a novel assay in the setting of acute stroke.
The Irish Heart Foundation Stroke Study Day 2013., Croke Park Conference Centre Dublin
(Apr 2013)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Walsh D, Lavan A, Cushen AM, Williams D.
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Brewer L, Williams D.
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Funding Awards

Funding Agency: Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD)
€30000 [RCSI], €0 [Other], ()
Project 1.A comparison between the prescription of bone health medications in general practitioner led nursing homes compared with geriatrician led services. Project 2.The effect of vitamin D replacement on arterial stiffness in an elderly community based population.
Lead Applicant : Prof David Williams

Funding Agency: SFI
€58509 [RCSI], €0 [Other], (Mar 2011)
Platelet Function screening for Personalized Medicine
Lead Applicant : Prof Niamh Moran
RCSI Co-applicants: David Williams

Funding Agency: Heart Research, UK
€0 [RCSI], €96,592.19 [Other], (Dec 2010)
Is cessation of clopidogrel therapy associated with rebound of platelet activity in stable vascular disease patients?
Lead Applicant : Prof David Williams
Non RCSI Co-applicants: Isobel Ford - University of Aberdeen

Funding Agency: Chief Scientist Office, Scotland
€0 [RCSI], €37,229.33 [Other], (Jun 2009)
A pilot study to test a method for recording the prevalence and nature of adverse events in an acute hospital in Scotland
Lead Applicant : Prof David Williams
Non RCSI Co-applicants: Brian Cuthbertson - University of Aberdeen

Funding Agency: Scottish Funding Council
€0 [RCSI], €2,809,642.43[Other], (May 2008)
Strategic Research Development Grant for the establishment of a Patient Safety Research Network for Scotland
Lead Applicant : Prof David Williams
Non RCSI Co-applicants: Rhona Flin - University of Aberdeen, Peter Davey - University of Dundee, Huw Davis - University of St. Andrews

Funding Agency: Chief Scientist Office, Scotland
€0 [RCSI], €83,249.89 [Other], (Jun 2007)
Clinical Utility of Pulse Wave Analysis(PWA) using applanation tonometry at the radial artery to determine both the presence of coronary artery disease(CAD) and predict future cardiovascular prognosis: A prognostic diagnostic accuracy study
Lead Applicant : Prof David Williams
Non RCSI Co-applicants: Mike Crilly - University of Aberdeen

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