contact details

Associate Professor of Human Genetics
Molecular & Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI

123 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2
Telephone: +353 (0)1 402 2146

Department Secretary: Anne Grady
Telephone: +353 (0)1 402 2420


2011: Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management Development (for Researchers), International School of Healthcare Management, RCSI, Dublin, Ireland. Leadership and Management

2006: PhD Human Genetics, University College London. Epilepsy genetics and pharmacogenetics

2000: BA Genetics, Trinity College Dublin. Population Genetics


2017 to date: Deputy Director, Science Foundation Ireland FutureNeuro Research Centre of Excellence

2017 to date: Honorary Secretary, The Irish Society of Human Genetics

2016 to date: Associate Professor of Human Genetics, School of Medicine, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI, Dublin

2014 to date: Deputy Director, School of Postgraduate Studies, RCSI, Dublin

2013 to 2016: Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics, School of Medicine, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI, Dublin

2008 to 2013: Biomedical Research Lecturer, School of Medicine, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI, Dublin

2006 to 2008: Research Lecturer,, School of Medicine, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI, Dublin

2005 to 2006: Post Doctoral Research Scientist, Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy

2002 to 2005: PhD student, University College London, Gower St, London, UK

2000 to 2002: Research Scientist, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA

academic activity

1. Coordinator of Molecular Medicine Module (5 ECTS), Undergraduate Medicine

2. Coordinator of Molecular Medicine Module (5 ECTS), Graduate Entry Medicine

summary of research career to date

Gianpiero Cavalleri is Associate Professor of Human Genetics, Deputy Director of the SFI FutureNeuro Research Centre and Director of the Human Genetic Variation Research Group, one of the largest human genetics research groups in Ireland. Prof. Cavalleri is also Deputy Director of the School of Postgraduate Studies at RCSI. Gianpiero received his Ph.D. in human genetics at University College London in 2006. Prior to his arrival at RCSI, he worked at the Institute for Genome Science and Policy at Duke University, North Carolina. He was appointed to faculty at RCSI in 2008. Prof. Cavalleri has published over 100 articles in leading peer reviewed international journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS and the New England Journal of Medicine. A feature of his research is its diversity, and his research group works at the interface of computational biology, clinical research and human evolution.

research interests

Prof. Cavalleri’s research programme at RCSI focuses on developing methods to understand the genetic component to complex traits in humans, in particular those related to the development and treatment of sporadic forms of epilepsy. He is a Principal Investigator within the SFI FutureNeuro Research Centre. He is also involved in a variety of additional projects that use the latest genetic techniques, to help inform donor-recipient matches to improve outcome of organ transplantation, and to understand how the hypoxic environment at high altitude in the Himalaya has shaped the genomes of indigenous individuals of the region.

research areas

Neuroscience, Neurological diseases


Irish Society of Human Genetics (2012)

American Society of Human Genetics (2010)

European Society of Human Genetics (2008)

Epidemiology and Public Health Nucleus for the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (2006-2010)


2014: Career Development Award, Science Foundation Ireland

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International Collaborations

Sanjay Sisodiya, Univerity College London, UK ; David Goldstein, Duke University, USA ; Kevin Shianna, Duke University, USA ; Michael Weale, Kings College London, UK ; Chantal Depondt, University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium ; Nicholas Wood, Univerity College London, UK
Genetics and pharmacogenetics of epilepsy
(Jun 2006)

Hugh Montgomery, University College London, UK ; Peter Robbins, Oxford University, UK ; Michael Weale, Kings College London, UK ; Michael Tam, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong ; Gao Yang, Beijing Genomics Institute, China ; Chen Chen, Beijing Genomics Institute, China ; Kevin Shianna, Duke University, USA
The genetics of high altitude adaptation
(Jun 2006)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Hernandez-Fuentes M, Stapleton CP, Cavalleri GL, Conlon P, Weale ME, Lord GM; United Kingdom and Ireland Renal Transplant Consortium (UKIRTC)
The genetic determinants of renal allograft rejection.
Am J Transplant. 2018 May 2. doi: 10.1111/ajt.14909. Epub ahead of print     PMID: 29719114     (May 2018)

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McCormack M, Gui H, ... International League Against Epilepsy Consortium on Complex Epilepsies;, Cavalleri GL.
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Dr Katherine Benson

Dr Robert Carton

Dr Tania Kawasaki

Current Students

Ciarán Campbell (PhD / 4 yrs)

Edmund Gilbert (PhD / 4 yrs)

Caragh Stapleton (PhD / 3 yrs)

Academic staff

Dr Marie Greally (Clinical Data Manager)

Ms Gillian Murphy (Research Assistant)