Medical Education Research:

Dr Holland's current research interests are in Medical Education, Assessment and Technology-Enhanced-Learning.  Dr Holland is ex-Chair of the Medical Education Research Group (MERG) within RCSI, which encorporates members and researchers from RCSI campuses in Ireland, Bahrain and Malaysia. She has presented at meetings internationally (AMEE) and is a member of the Education Committee of the Anatomical Society.  In addition, she facilitates a number of Medical Education workshops for Faculty, both internally & externally, mainly on areas of Assessment. 


Dr Holland's PhD focussed on peri-articular osteopathies.  The ovine stifle joint may be considered to be a 1:3 scale model of the human knee joint, with only minor morphological exceptions. The majority of ovine studies in the past have typically induced osteoarthritis by means of an experimental injury but the use of ovariectomy alone as a model of osteoarthritis is a recent addition to the literature.  Post-ovariectomy subchondral bone changes have been documented in very few studies to date, and not as yet in an ovine model. Specifically, this research aims to provide a comparison of the subchondral bone in control and ovariectomized sheep with regard to parameters including subchondral microstructure and turnover, and investigate their role in periarticular osteopathies such as osteoarthritis and osteonecrosis.