SIMON FURNEY: Curriculum Vitae
contact details

Research Lecturer
Physiology & Medical Physics, RCSI

123 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2
Telephone: TBC

Department Secretary:  


2007: Ph.D., University College Dublin. Medicine

2002: M.Sc., University of Manchester. Bioinformatics

1999: B.A. (Hons.), Trinity College Dublin. Natural Sciences

summary of research career to date

Recruited through RCSI’s ambitious StAR programme (, I am expanding my established research programme in Genomic Medicine and Cancer Bioinformatics at RCSI. Educated at Trinity College Dublin (B.A.), University of Manchester (M.Sc.) and University College Dublin (Ph.D.), I moved abroad to conduct post-doctoral genomics research in world-leading institutes. Having initially focused on integrative genomics studies in cancer (Nature Methods, 2010) and Alzheimer's disease (Molecular Psychiatry, 2011), I made a strategic move into the field of next generation sequencing (NGS) in 2010. I have devoted the last 7 years of my career to using NGS for the interpretation of cancer genomes, resulting in high-impact first author publications (e.g. Genome Research, 2012; Cancer Discovery, 2013; Nature, 2014) and scientific awards.

research interests

Cancer Bioinformatics and Genomics. The overarching theme of my research programme is the inference of mechanisms of tumour development and evolution from oncogenomic data. I have several collaborations with clinicians in which we are using next generation sequencing data from melanoma, neuroblastoma, breast and colorectal cancer patients to understand tumour development and tumour evolution in response to therapy. In addition, my research includes pan-cancer analyses of thousands of cancer genomes to uncover common and subtype-specific mechanisms of oncogenesis. I am a member of the Genomics England (100,000 Genomes Project) Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) for melanoma, and the Irish Cancer Society BREAST-PREDICT Consortium.

research areas



Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (2015)

European Association for Cancer Research (2011)


2016: Senior Young Scientist Award, Irish Association for Cancer Research

2013: Marie Curie Fellowship, European Commission

2013: Pathway to Independence Residential Programme, Institute of Cancer Research - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute - BBSRC

2007: Young Scientists’ Forum, Federation of European Biochemical Societies

2005: EMBO Short-term Fellowship, European Molecular Biology Organisation

2003: Marie Curie Ph.D. Training Site Fellowship, European Bioinformatics Institute

Peer Reviewed Publications

Piraino SW and Furney SJ*
Identification of coding and non-coding mutational hotspots in cancer genomes
BMC Genomics 18(1):17     PMID: 28056774     (Jan 2017)

Toomey S, Madden SF, Furney SJ, Fan Y, McCormack M, Stapleton C, Cremona M, Cavalleri GL, Milewska M, Elster N, Carr A, Fay J, Kay EW, Kennedy S, Crown J, Gallagher WM, Hennessy BT, Eustace AJ
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Oncotarget. 7(46):75518-75525     PMID: 27776352     (Nov 2016)

Girotti MR, Gremel G, Rothwell D, Viros A, Mandal A, Kok K, Furney SJ, Pedersen M, Rogan J, Swan J, Fusi A, Brady G, Lorigan P, Dive C, Marais R
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Cancer Discovery 6(3):286-99     PMID: 26715644     (Mar 2016)

Piraino SW and Furney SJ*
Beyond the exome – the role of non-coding somatic mutations in cancer
Annals of Oncology 27(2):240-8     PMID: 26598542     (Feb 2016)

Korfi K, Mandal A, Furney SJ, Wiseman D, Somervaille T and Marais R
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Annals of Oncology 26(6):1180-7.     PMID: 25712455     (Jun 2015)

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Protective Variant for Hippocampal Atrophy Identified by Whole Exome Sequencing
Annals of Neurology 77(3):547-52     PMID: 25559091     (Mar 2015)

Gavrielides M, Furney SJ*, Yates T, Miller CJ and Marais R
Onco-STS: a web-based Laboratory Information Management System for sample and analysis tracking in oncogenomic experiments
Source Code Biol Med. 9(1).     PMID: 25580158     (Dec 2014)

Furney SJ*, Turajlic S, Stamp G, Hayes A, Gore M, Larkin J and Marais R
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Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research 27(5):835-8.     PMID: 24913711     (Sep 2014)

Viros A, Sanchez-Laorden B, Pedersen M, Furney SJ*, Rae J, Ejiama S, Dhomen N, Hogan K, Girotti MR, and Marais R
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Nature 511(7510):478-82     PMID: 24919155     (Jul 2014)

Turajlic S, Furney SJ*, Stamp G, Rana S, Ricken G, Saturno G, Oduko Y, Hayes A, Gore M, Larkin J and Marais R
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Annals of Oncology 25(5):959-67     PMID: 24504448     (May 2014)

Proitsi, P Hyuck Lee SH, Lunnon K, Keohane A, Troakes C, Al-Sarraj S, Furney SJ, Kloszewska I, Mecocci P, Soininen H, Tsolaki M, Vellas B, Lovestone S and Hodges A
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Molecular Psychiatry 19(1):88-9     PMID: 23164821     (Jan 2014)

Furney SJ*, Pedersen M, Gentien D, Dumont AG, Rapinat A, Desjardins L, Turajlic S, Piperno-Neumann S, de la Grange P, Roman-Roman S, Stern MH and Marais R
SF3B1 mutations are associated with alternative splicing in uveal melanoma
Cancer Discovery 3(10):1122-9     PMID: 23861464     (Oct 2013)

Furney SJ*, Turajlic S, Stamp G, Nohadani M, Carlisle A, Thomas JM, Hayes A, Strauss A, Gore M, van den Oord J, Larkin J and Marais R
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Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 33(3):737-53     PMID: 23042217     (May 2013)

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Furney SJ*, Gundem G, Lopez-Bigas N
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